When you are searching for a new point of sale (POS) system for your business, it is vital to consider how your staff works as well as your business’ specific processes, and daily activities.  Here are three must-have features for a POS system that will make your employees’ jobs easier, guaranteeing better customer experiences:

  1. An interface that’s easy for my employees to understand

With seasonal staff in restaurants and retail locations it’s important that your POS system has an intuitive design for quickly, easy training and expert use — even by new employees.

      2. Designed for Use in Your Industry

Your POS system should have the power to handle retail rushes and also be rugged enough to keep working if a bump, drop, or spill occurs in a holiday shopping crowd.

      3. EMV-Ready

Protect your business and your customers’ accounts by using devices capable of accepting EMV chip cards.

You also need to get the answers to questions such as “Will my employees be able to get support when and how they need it?” and “Is this a future-proof system that will protect my investment with the flexibility to expand or adapt to changes?”

Keep staff productivity at a high level this holiday season and your customers happy by choosing a POS system your employees will love to use and that’s an extra “workhorse,” ready to go when needed.

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